The Last Story – Wii vs. Dolphin comparison

Hi everyone,

Well, you won’t be able to see a lot on this picture, but anyway, here it is:Image

On the left is The Last Story on the Wii, on the right it’s running in 1080p on Dolphin. Pretty cool, uh ?

Edit : I see there is a lot of traffic here of people wondering what settings and revision you need to run this game properly. First, let me say that this game is poorly optimized and does not run at 30 FPS even on the Wii. Second, the perfect build has not been found yet, and you will either have blurs, slowdowns or hang ups. The game can be finished however and still looks better in 1080p. See here for more info, the discussion is ongoing.

2 thoughts on “The Last Story – Wii vs. Dolphin comparison

  1. Please help. I tried playing Last Story on Dolphin, and the graphics are really blurry. At first the characters were half invisible, so I set it according to the information on the Dolphin Wiki with CPU Emulator Engine set to JITIL and EFB Copies set to RAM. It corrected the problem, but everything is still showing up blurry. I have 1080p HD hardware, but Last Story is really pixilated and blurrred.


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