21 days of video game news – April 27 edition

Hey! It’s that time of the month again. After three weeks, we’re gonna have a look at everything (important) that happenned in (mostly japanese) video games news.

Persona 2: Eternal Punishment trailer

PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale announced

Wii U titles to launch both packaged and digitally

Wii U release date will not be announced at E3

Final Fantasy XIII-2: Lightning DLC, new costume screenshots

Dragon Quest X release date trailer

Capcom: Future of Monster Hunter outside Japan “very bright”

Metal Gear Rising clip teases April 30 reveal

First Project Zwei concept art

Interview: Rising Star Games President Martin Defries

Famitsu Review Scores: Issue 1221

Shinji Mikami talks new survival horror Zwei

Tales fans interview series producer – part 1

Nomura hints at The World Ends With You sequel

Akihiro Hino on Ni no Kuni localization

Overseas version of Ni no Kuni will include “enhancements”

Atelier Ayesha screenshots

Demon’s Souls servers going offline

.hack//Versus screenshots

Ni no Kuni release pushed to Q1 2013

NIS announces 20th Anniversary PS3 project

EA responds to “worst company” label from Consumerist

God Eater And Resonance Of Fate Characters Are In Project X Zone

Tales Producer Hideo Baba Answers Fan Questions, Says No To Realistic Tales

Another Piece Of Art From Nippon Ichi’s 20th Anniversary RPG

Artwork From Sony’s “True Fantasy” Game Soul Sacrifice

Tri-Ace Working With Level-5 On The Little Battlers W (How about working on your own projects from time to time ?)

Dark Souls: Prepare To Die Edition Lets You Fight As Sir Knight Artorias [Update]

How To Play .hack//Versus And Trigger A Character Changing Exceed

Phantasy Star Online 2 Has A Currency Named “FUN”

Snake Slithers Out With More Metal Gear Solid HD Collection Vita Screens

Monolith Soft Tried Using A Turn Based Battle System For Xenoblade Chronicles

Final Fantasy XIII-2′s Most Unusual Collaboration Dresses Lightning In Prada


thelastsavepoint most wanted

  1. Final Fantasy Versus XIII
  2. Dark Souls “Prepare to Die” DLC
  3. Way of the Samurai 4
  4. Final Fantasy X HD
  5. Metal Gear Rising
  6. Persona 5
  7. Phantasy Star Online 2
  8. Final Fantasy Type-0
  9. Ni no Kuni
  10. Tales of Xillia
  11. .hack/Versus
  12. Atelier Meruru & Asha

I’m watching out for:

  1. Next Monolith title on Wii U
  2. Next Tri-Ace HD title


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Three days ago, enhanced a PC edition of 2011 acclaimed RPG Dark Souls was announced. This edition will span new bosses, new areas, new weapons and NPC, plus an online matchmaking system.

Dark Souls DLC for PS360 was rumored a few month ago, so let’s hope these new features will make it to the PS360! You want to help ? Please, sign this petition now.

21 days of video game news – April 6 edition

Every 21 days, the last save point highlights our favorite news in the (mostly japanese) game industry. Nothing as big as Shenmue HD or PSO2 on VITA this time, but a new .hack combat game is nothing to be ashamed of.

Persona 3: FES hits PS2 Classics next week