21 days of video game news – May 18 edition

Hey! It’s that time of the month again. After three weeks, we’re gonna have a look at everything (relatively important) that happenned in (mostly japanese – who cares about Black Ops II) video games news.

Yakuza website teasing May 24 reveal

Famitsu’s Most Wanted: Issue 1224

Metal Gear Rising: Make It Right “Sword” teaser

Metal Gear Solid HD Collection dated for PS Vita

PlayStation Network introduces pre-loading

Sol Trigger Japanese release delayed

Soul Sacrifice screenshots, artwork

Tales of Graces F gets special edition in Europe

Sony registers Forsaken Souls domain

Famitsu’s Next Tales of artwork looks different…

Nomura on Final Fantasy VII remake

Hideo Baba talks Next Tales of

Famitsu Review Scores: Issue 1224

Soul Sacrifice screenshots

Hideo Kojima checks Metal Gear Rising demo

Last Final Fantasy XIII-2 DLC due tomorrow

Soul Sacrifice: Full Presentation (in English)

Keiji Inafune on Soul Sacrifice localization

Tales fans interview series producer – part 3

Next week’s Famitsu to include Final Fantasy VII, Final Fantasy XI anniversary features

Beyond Good & Evil 2 in “active creation”

Nomura: ‘It’s time Kingdom Hearts returns to console’

Nomura on Final Fantasy Versus XIII: ‘It takes time when tackling something new’

Tales fans interview series producer – part 2

How Telltale Wants To Evolve The Adventure Game Genre

Final Fantasy VII Writer And Baten Kaitos Artist Team For RPG Borderwalker

A Pac-Man Multiplayer Mode In A Shooter? Cavia Made That For Catacombs

Catacombs – The Game Cavia And Square Enix Were Working On After Nier