Nintendo should buy the rights to Xenosaga (petition inside!)

Petition time again!

Xenosaga is a critically acclaimed videogame series published by Namco Bandai. It was supposed to be a 6 parts epic Nietzschean space opera but the publisher cut short and stopped the series after 3 episodes.
After the developper was bought by Nintendo, they produced Xenoblade, which quickly became known in critical circles as the best JRPG of its generation and enjoyed a strong commercial success.
These are the perfects circumstances for Monolith soft. to finish its grandiose series, and Nintendo – their owner – can make it happen.

Sign here if you want Xenosaga 4!

Do you want PC-exclusive Dark Souls DLC “Prepare to Die” on PS360 ? Sign this petition !

Three days ago, enhanced a PC edition of 2011 acclaimed RPG Dark Souls was announced. This edition will span new bosses, new areas, new weapons and NPC, plus an online matchmaking system.

Dark Souls DLC for PS360 was rumored a few month ago, so let’s hope these new features will make it to the PS360! You want to help ? Please, sign this petition now.